Unison Workforce Technologies

We are, an innovative
software development
that builds solutions
for the self-employed workforce.

Our Company

Unison Workforce is committed to support a thriving side-hustle economy by providing side-hustlers with the tools and infrastructure they need to build and grow services-based businesses.

This includes the mobile app FY$H (Fuel Your Side-Hustle) that removes administrative friction between side-hustlers and their clients with scheduling, invoicing, communication, and payment processing.


Fuel Your Side Hustle

All in one business app for Entrepreneurs who have a passion to pursue a better future while growing their Side Hustle.

Keep all of your past and upcoming client visits all in one place. No more forgetting what tools you need to bring or where you need to go and when you need to be there.

Chat with your workers, clients or fellow FYSH colleagues right within the app. Easily keep all of your business communications, private, organized and all in one place.

Have you ever forgot to send an invoice till days, weeks or even months later?

Through our partnership with Stripe, you now can accept: Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as Visa, Mastercard and American Express right in our app.

See what appointments you have, where your going and choose the best route to get there.

I work for you; you work for me. Schedule and Manage your day as a worker or a client. All in the same app.

Make sure you and your workers don’t forget anything. Check off any tasks that you need to complete based on the specific services that you offer.

The Patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.
— Abraham Lincoln

US 63/379294

Patent-pending application thats facilities a mutuality of work-sharing.

You work for me… I work for you…