Our Story

Unison Workforce Technologies was started with homecare companies in mind. After the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, our executive team decided that they could utilize their thirty-plus years of healthcare and homecare expertise to create a business-centric but user-friendly software program. We’ve accomplished what we set out to do!

Our cloud-based program allows homecare companies the ability to connect with staff, align business goals and manage risks. Our software uses patented and cutting-edge technology. Whether your business uses mobile or facility-based employees, our software can unite their efforts and maximize their potential through connecting all levels of business into one hub. If your business struggles with monitoring and coordinating a diverse workforce, Unison Workforce will drive home uniformity of focus and purpose while aligning your levels of business and working simultaneously towards the same goals.


Using our monitoring and check-in system, your office staff and off-site caregivers & nurses can stay connected and informed.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Through the advanced use of Bluetooth, GPS, and Mobile Based Location Services, your scheduling staff can now monitor locations of all field personnel and provide checklist completion in real time, increasing operational efficiency by reducing variables and promoting employee accountability.
  • Checking in & Out: We have designed an accurate and easy-to-use mobile application for your employees to check-in and check-out quickly on both Android and iOS devices.


Keep your company compliant as you stay ahead of industry requirements. Adopt a proactive approach to claims and discrepancies by automatically keeping records of employee locations, hours, and task completion. Through detailed data collection, we can protect your company by verifying staff locations within a 1 foot radius, swiftly vindicating any filed claims.

  • Scheduling: Our system can restrict shifts down to desired start and end times, with an easy-to-use appointment system, unique appointments for Live-in and Hourly Caregivers, and quick editing of existing appointments.
  • Reports & Payroll: Billing hours are recorded and transferred to your company billing systems, creating reports and maintaining accuracy. We offer the ability to export by CSV or PDF file formats for easy importing into any existing payroll system. These hours are electronically verified by the most trusted technology on the market.


Unison offers a "one-stop shop" dashboard that monitors all clients and care staff on one screen. Mobile staff that are late or do not arrive within their scheduled shift will display on the dashboard. This allows office staff the ability to communicate with clients and manage discrepancies as they occur, not after a customer calls with a complaint. Management can also monitor task completion and follow up with any staff that does not complete checklist items.

  • Alerts & Notifications: We offer fully customizable Alerts and Notifications that allow you to maintain constant communication with your employees. These alerts can even be fully configured by job position to make sure relevant alerts go to the specific staff that require them.
  • Work Checklists: Your organization is now able to design customizable work checklists to be completed by all care personnel during each visit.